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a crazy mans utopia

MrBungled and Botched
30 October 1968
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Without a doubt you are the king of the one liner.

Flagg can be a jackass, but he's an honest one.

You sir, are one funny asshole. ;)

He's the clams in your linguine, the gin in your martini.

And the highlights in our hairdo and the extra arms on Vishnu.

"My dimestore psychoanalysis says: He's a lonely mid-30's 905er, conservative voter, probably balding, with few true friends, and considers LJ redeeming social interaction. He gets kicks off of being as brash and abusive as possible, yet avoids doing anything that would *truly* violate LJ terms of service, simply because he'd lose the anonymous pedestal from which he preaches. He probably considers himself a mild "celebrity" amongst LJ, which only serves to feed the ego he desperately creates in order to validate his lack of self-worth in his real life.
---dont know.

They're just not getting that it's in your Scorpio nature to not only turn the rock over, but to poke a stick at all the gooey bits, pull them out into the light, smell them, taste them (hopefully not eat them, but it could happen), then put them under a microscope, then DNA testing, all before finally being satisfied with what it actually is (...maybe).


"One day, the assholes of the world will come togather, and they will build a statue in your honor."

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